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Howlite Bracelet - Large Beads


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Howlite is believed to be an excellent stone for meditation. It can help practitioners to focus the mind. Howlite’s veins, resembling intrusive thoughts, can remind the wearer to acknowledge those thoughts and let them pass by.  Howlite is also thought to have properties to help relieve stress.

Howlite is an opaque white or light grey stone, marked with black, grey or dark brown veining.

  • 6mm Matte Howlite Beads 
  • Sterling Silver Components 
  • Pewter Toggle Clasp
  • Bracelet Length: 7.5 inches 


  • Howlite is a soft stone, so it can easily be scratched. It is also vulnerable to many chemical cleaners, acidic perspiration, and damage from sand and dust.
  • To clean howlite, use lukewarm, slightly soapy water and a soft cloth (cotton is best). Rinse well to remove residue and pat dry.
  • Store howlite wrapped in soft cloth within a separate box or pouch to reduce the likelihood of damage.